who we are

We are two developers (Will and Martin) with the ambition to make the web better. We utilize the power of modern frameworks to build great apps for the web, whether they are accessed from a desktop or a mobile device.

We believe the internet has the power to improve the world in all sorts of ways, and so we also experiment with crowdsourcing, mash up publicly available data, and program APIs.

We met at betahaus (great co-working space in Berlin), from where we are still working today. Being around skilled people from all walks of life allow us to quickly assemble teams to build great stuff and learn new tricks.

We're always looking for interesting problems to solve, so if you have something on your mind, do get in touch in with us!

recent projects

friends of art

One of the largest collections of art on the web, with a lot of social features built in. Official Webby Honoree 2010!

Chords'n'all (coming soon)

Chords and tabs for millions of songs at your fingertips, with powerful features you won't find anywhere else. Launching on the iPad soon!


First of its kind trademark check - in Germany, Europe, and internationally, plus domain and social network availablity.

our toolbox

This fantastic Python Web framework allows us to write powerful and elegant web applications at incredible speeds: djangoproject.com
Most of our front-ends are powered by jQuery, an incredible JavaScript library that makes developing complex functionality a breeze: jQuery.com
We're happy to have found a loving home for our web applications: WebFaction. Mighty hosting at great rates - we highly recommend them: webfaction.com

from our blog

The Wisdom of Mechanical Turks

Recently Martin and I conducted a crowdsourcing experiment to test the wisdom of the crowd. The basic idea is that the collective input of a group can, in some instances, provide a more accurate result than the input of an individual belonging to the group....

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Magnetic Poetry

If you’ve ever owned a magnetic poetry set, you know what it’s like to wake up and see things written on your refrigerator that make you question the type of people you let into your home...

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100 lines of code: "t for translate" Chrome Extension

Some of my friends engage in the unfortunate behavior of posting stuff on Facebook in languages I don’t understand. But instead of de-friending them, I was looking for way to instantly translate stuff wherever I am on the web. Chrome being my browser of choice, I decided to built a Chorme extension.

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